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6 Gifts for an 18th Birthday (List Made by a 16 year old)

It's the time of the year when my birthday is coming. I've rarely been able to say what I want for my birthday, so I decided to start real early for this list as my 18th birhday is quite important. So, today I am 16 and starting my list for my birthday. I'm going to schedule the date of post and will probably forget all about it. SO, yeah...

But this can be a quide of what to give to your 18th buddy to! Imagine he/she is talking to you about what they want!

Here we go (remember to click on the photos to follow the links, bae):

1. My Life, kikki.K - $39.95

 My Life

I thought that something to organise myself for my adult self would be quite good, and what better than a kikki.K. This is great to organise everything, but one of their time planners in addition would be marvelous.

2. A DIY scrapbook

Best Friends

A scrapbook of my 18 years on this earth, or of my years of friendships with you - it would heartwarming and beautiful 'cause I love you!

2. 18th Birthday Wish Jar - DIY or £14.95

Wish Jar

This one you can DIY or buy it! Either way it's adorable and so pinterest!

3. Made in 1999 - 20€

Made in 1999

Remember 1999! Love it! It's simple yet effective! And it isn't a tee-shirt saying something like I'm 18 'cause I'm not going to be 18 forever...

4. 18th Necklace - 18.95€

Screen shot 2015 11 14 at 10 42 37

Simple and cute with the name date of birth and the little colour. This is a definite cutie!

5. Music compilation/plyalist

A compilation with songs with my name in every song, or the songs you know I love, or the songs we share, or even the songs for wherever I'm heading to - if it's universaty, travelling or working! It will be perfect!

6. Generally Etsy


I don't know about you but I love Etsy! You can look at my wishlist or favourites for inspiration! 


So, that was my list of 6 things I think an 18 year old me would like for her birthday.

I hope it inspired you for any situation you are in!


- 16 year old M

Ode to the Politically Correct

We are the generation of the politically correct.

We are opiniated, judgy, have a lack of tolerance.

We are not as much fun, we are cautious.

But all of this isn't bad! What is so wrong with the politically correct?

We think before we talk - we choose the best words as to not harm or offense anyone.

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How To: Jumper w/ Natacha

The cold comes with its downs obviously but it also comes with it's ups. Say hello to jumpers, scarfs and beanies!

Today I'm going to show you guys an outfit that I really like. It is around an old fashioned looking jumper but makes it pop and hipster in this outfit!

So, it's a simple idea: Match the jumper and the shoes!

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To Do: Femist Poll

Well, maybe the title of this post isn't the best as this is a poll about feminism. Thankfully #WorldFeminism said it perfectly whilst promoting my poll:



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Pinterest, oh, pinterest!

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Doctor Who Prologue


Doctor Who

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Hey guys!

As you already know the web is full of talented people and sharing etc. People will show you how to copy their talent. One of these people who inspired me to draw again is DebbyArts on Youtube.

Here are four drawings that I did following the talented Italian YouTuber:

Girl w/ Cup od Hot ChocolateMessy Blu

Festive Hair for X-masBlue Curly Hair

Hope you enjoyed this little share!




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Hey blogphiles* !

The other day I ventured out into the open world and went to a plant shop (Botanic). There I found a table filled with tiny cacti - so I obviously looked around - getting spiked on the way - to fall in love with 3 (non-spiky) cacti. I then proceeded to choose three classy yet simple assorting pots for them...

The result was really insta-worthy:


Don't you love it?

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New clip genre!

An innovative idea for a clip for an okay-song that wil make you want to continue to the end because of the interaction!

You literally have the golden touch!

Things I do when I'm bored...

Stage 1 of boredom: binge watching:

You either leave yourself go to the spiral that is YouTube, or you let yourself become a zombie in front of a series like Friends...

Stage 2: the search begins:

You start to look around. You open books that you are tired of reading. You look at the bottle. You look up "What to do when you are bored" and find 144,000,000 results but none of which is really full filling.

At this stage, students, will even check if they have homework, and think that teachers don't give enough!

Easy A

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Today I'm going to present to you Uni-kitty, the most adorable character ever invented who featured in 'The Lego a Movie' (For Your Information: it is a very funny movie).


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Having done nothing for you guys for Valentines I now present you a quick Post-Valentines DIY.

So for this quick DIY you will need a box (or a bowl), and a flower. Like me you might have a dying red rose, but unlike me it was probably given with love, and not by protocol at a Sushi restaurant with my father...

Rose box

This is a great way to preserve the memories attached to a flower.

Instagram pic

That was the DIY of the day.



A room, a wall and a finished project

You know the feeling you get when you complete a project? Well that's what I'm feeling right now. Pride, excitement with a pinch of relief.

Now your probably wondering what this project was and why the über-long title who is ambiguous. Well for the title go talk to Jonas Jonasson to ask him why his titles are always so long and great (unlike mine)!

Now to drag the thing on I'm going to say that projects come into many formats so after a minor injury (at this point I have all your attention) and lots of discussions.

Now I proudly present to you *drum roll please* ...

My wall!


The wall

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2 years in WWW: #18

Keep on dreaming.

I know this has already been told, and screamed at you. But today is proof that dreaming brings you somewhere better.

Today it has been 2 years I have been blogging.

Blogging might not seem like a big dream to you, but for me it is. It is a way to show the world what I'm made of, whilst staying in the confort of my room.

(If that's not a dream I don't know what is!)

This is the dream I have kept on the longest. That I have persisted on, even when I was bored, or down.

Keep on dreaming, doesn't mean stay in your bed. It means get up and Keep on going on the path to your dream.

If your dream is to run a marathon, it's not lying in your bed that is going to muscle your legs, and your spirit.

If your dream is to save the world from injustice, only speaking in your dreams won't help much either.

Keep on dreaming, means to dream by doing.

Also today is the day when I can say that dreaming needs help.

So here is 2 years worth of gratitude for your reads and support!

Thank you!

Dino love

A cat's first time in snow

Today we were snowed in. ie: No School!

For my kitten, M, it was an even more of a magical event. At first she was fearful towards the mysterious white thing, but then she was excited, and brave enough to attack the magical cold!

Here are some of the photos:

M in the snow  In the snow!  My Bro  ...

My OOTD : Black And White

As the title suggests I'm going to present my Outfit Of The Day. This outfit includes a top from Triangles (a really cool french shop), (awesome new) jeans from Jennyfer, a jacket from Valley Girl, and various accessories.

On the photos you cannot see the true colour and nature of the jeans. They are washed out black/grey, with ridges on the knees! I really love them (even though I just got them - yeah sales!)





Christmas Preperations 3

Only TWO days till X-mas day!

I'm so excited I'm trying to calm myself with a good, perfect seasonal book:

Let It Snow!

Let It Snow

It is the perfect Christmas book! I wish I had first read it on christmas! and that I hadn't forgotten it!

I would love to be reading it now!

I hope you have a merry listening!



Christmas Preperations 2

Only THREE days till X-mas day!

This is so exciting!

Here are some Christmas Paper Stars for you guys!

X-mas Paper Stars

I hope you have a Merry Folding!



Christmas Preperations 1

Only a couple more days till X-mas day!

I'm so excited! and my family is probably getting sick of all the x-mas songs and carolls blasting in all the house! Wink

So, I thought I might share some playlists!

Christmas by Tyler Oakley

Tyler's playlist is aweome and complete! It has every single caroll and every song refering to Christmas wich is amazing! It is perfect for Christmas ears, and elves like me! Wink

X-mas by me 

I hope you have a merry listening!



Berlin Wall and Art

Today’s Google Doodle is celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall (9 November 1989) with an emotional video showing photos of the fall in 1989, and also photos of pieces of the wall today which can be found all around the world with original graffiti and/or new art on them as a reminder of what the Wall had done to affect Germany and the world.


This Google Doodle reminded me of the East Side Gallery (which very unfortunaly doesn't exist any more since March 2013):

I came upon this Gallery when last year I was working on my Final Art Exam for the Brevet (french test) and my chosen subject was Street Art. I had chosen one of the pieces for my presentation, and I have decided to share a quick analyse on one of the pieces of the Gallery.

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