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5th Video! - Update

Hello guys!
   I am proud to announce that I have posted my 5th Video: The Daring Book for Girls. This is my first video that isn't about Fashion (entirely). So, I am hoping that you will appreciate it as much as you did with the others....

  I am also wanting to thank you all with the comments you said and wrote about the video where I go into my mums wardrobe.... And I am going to take into consideration all of the ideas you gave me to make my future videos better!
  Please tell me if you would like a part 2 of this video!
  When I was working on my video Fashionable Sites I thought it would have received more impact than the 2 previous ones.... but I was wrong. With a total of 26 views, 0 likes, 0 dislikes and 0 comments it is the lowest so far...
  But it doesn't bother me because I am learning what you guys like.... and they always need a last to be a first....
  Spring Clothing was made to be a "Part 2" of my first video Spring MakeUp. I think you guys like them equally... and probably most than the others because so far they have the most Likes (and dislikes-1) ... And I would be lying if I said I didn't appreciate the likes! Thank you guys for the likes... But you could press that green button on the other videos... and even the Subscribe button - they are the best - so thank you to you 4 subscribers!

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