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A nice wednesday...

Yesterday night had a girly night with my mum. Finished SMASH (Season 2).

Today, school, English and the deadly Sport (running).

After eating and watching Young in Revolt (I don't really recommend it. It's mediocre...)

I went for a walk with my mum.

I know it's weird but I actually proposed it...

because their is the big running test coming up...

And I don't want to fail (too much) so I'm wanting all the chances on my side!

--H&M red/brown hoody; Love U Top from OVS; White jeans from Jennyfer; Turquoise shoes from a shop in Montmarte (I don't know the shop name...)--


Australian Group to love!

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  • 1. duduche | Saturday, 01 March 2014
If you do not liking running, maybe you can try biathlon ? This is a ski competition where you stop and shoot at a target, then glide again on skis.

How can one loose ? If someone if gliding faster than you on skis, hey you have a rifle on hand after all...

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