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Yes 'Him'

The one that makes me smile... Sourire

I have chosen : as I'll probably talk about him, in my blog messages I have chosen to 'introduce 'him'. Give you a name (not his real one), and an image to give him (still not really 'him') ...

A name: Liam (L)

A face:


I think that's good Rigolant

So that was me introducing L!

Mabey I should 'introduce' other people! Yeah!

So, I put Liam.

Now, my 2 best friends! (still no real names)

Name: Ever (E)

Description: The best of best friends! I love her so much! She is like an older sister to me! She is soo much fun! Her talented is writing and singing! Her clothing style Day Wear, Blue and Black.

Name: Ivy 

Description: LOTS of Fun! Sometimes a bit too thick for me ... Ooops I said it! Embarrassé

Name: Axel (A's)

Description: A's is his best description possible! He is really intelligent, but not botheringly! He is fun, and I love spending time with him!

Yes, Ever, Ivy, and Axel are my BEST friends! Cool They are all awsome, and so different so I NEVER get borred!

And don't think I have only 3 friends like my bro (Louis)! I have heaps of friends, but the list would be way too long!

Now that I have 'introduced' all of them I'll be able to openly tell stories etc.

XoXo Bisou

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