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How To: Jumper w/ Natacha

The cold comes with its downs obviously but it also comes with it's ups. Say hello to jumpers, scarfs and beanies!

Today I'm going to show you guys an outfit that I really like. It is around an old fashioned looking jumper but makes it pop and hipster in this outfit!

So, it's a simple idea: Match the jumper and the shoes!

How To: Jumper w/ Natacha
How To: Jumper w/ Natacha
How To: Jumper w/ Natacha

Jumper: Jennyfer

Pants: Divided, H&M

Shoes: Jennyfer

Handbag: Jennyfer

Necklace: Divided, H&M

Basically we could say this outfit is a collaboration between Divided, H&M and Jennyfer!


I hope you liked this outfit!

Please share if you did and if you want more of Natacha!



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