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How, I love laughing with Ivy about nothing and everything.

I love founding myself laughing alone at something that Axel said, and putting my hand over my mouth realising: OMG, It's true! Ooops O_o 

Also, laughing with Ever just having seen her expretion when a cute guy passes in front of us (like D, a guy that I had a crush on... One or two problems came in place: He is like 3 years older (when your young a month does all the difference, but thankfully it changes when you get older ...) and next minor problem, he doesn't even know I exist...) 

Or when something funny comes up, I say LOL! Opening WIDLY the mouth :) And what is even more LOL is that when I'm with my Mama (Yep, I call her like that ... under her request ...) and she imitates me laughing "LOL"! Wich makes me Laugh Out Loud even more! :)

Aaaah LOL! My LoL :) What Would My Life be Without You? :)