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I have been preparing my bday party (this weekend!)

i have been doing the pros and cons about changing room (still haven't got an answer)

i have been at school Clin d'œil and Cool

Em has a boyfriend! Which has made me recognize that i really need/want a boyfriend! Mabey I'm not looking hard anothe, or I'm not looking at the right places or..... You see I really need one for my serenity and all!

theirs no Him in my life... No i do not love anyone... But as I previously said its not like if I'm not looking!

ive been trying to expand my reading genre. At school I'm reading : a midsummer nights dream, from Shakespeare (that I'm actually really liking). The giver, by Lois Lowry (im haven't started it but it looks incredible!) An inspector calls, by J.B. Priestley (looks cool - havent started it) a French book about airplanes or something - La promesses de laube, by Romain Gary (seems kinda boring... Haven't started it either)... 

Ive been putting lemon juice (with other things to mabetter more efficient) in my hair ... To make it blonder - duh!

ive been lazy with my videos... But I've n been working on ideas!! 

Love you guys...

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