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Music is what life sounds like

Well, today was quite a weird Wednesday...

Ivy (check the Intro for more info) is acting weird with me... AND most importantly acting 'thicker' (sorry for this rughlous adjective) than ever (not Ever the person!).

Ever is looking out for me a bit more (because she is ALWAYS with this girl that I do not click with...).

A's is normal him-Sourire: He is eather spending time with Ivy (so I can't really be with him in that case Déçu),or he is with brainless (I don't know why I'm being so bitch-ly* adjectiving* people) boys, or with L and some other boys, and I am kinda 'out of the circle' in that case. Not that I don't love being with L it's just... I'm not in... sadly anothe...En pleurs

Now! Getting out of 'school zone'. To getting to 'contact phone':

So as you may know I have a New Phone! And new phone most of the time emplies - the renewing* of the contact lists.

So far I have:

My dad, my mama, Ever, Ivy, B (my ex-best-friend, who is BFF with Ivy), E (an italian friend, who thanks to Ivy thinks I'm in love with him), BB (a good friend who is never on his phone. Actually NOT ONE of my friends - except mabey Ivy - use their phones...), then all the rest of my contacts are eather on the other side of the world (so I can't contact them in less I want a HUGE bill) and google acounts of friends (only their e-mail's...).

So... I ask Ever if she has the number of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and she replies 'no, sorry'. OK! So I ask her if she has any phone number that would interest me. (info: L has no phone) She will never reply ....

Now to the 'family zone':

My parents are soo cool, so no problem... But, I have a BROTHER! I will not describe the why and what he is doing to 'rughlously and continuously irritate' me! But I think this picture explains it quite well...


Yep ... This pokemon parody card of the most famous orange - Annoying orange** is the most simple way to describe what and how he is 'rughlously and continuously irritating' me.

Last but not least - one of the few reasons why I put the title 'Music is what life sounds like' - the sound that my day would have been if life, was a song/sound.

AND this is what it I would had liked it to be:

They are a lot of other things that have made this Wednesday as eird as it is... I didn't find them 'good anothe'. But if you want to read more (or less, or whatever) please Contact me!

* I do tend to invent words. If you don't understand one or two please Contact meBisou

** Don't know Annoying Orange? Well YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT: