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Ode to the Politically Correct

We are the generation of the politically correct.

We are opiniated, judgy, have a lack of tolerance.

We are not as much fun, we are cautious.

But all of this isn't bad! What is so wrong with the politically correct?

We think before we talk - we choose the best words as to not harm or offense anyone.

We don't like hearing racist, sexist, homophobic jokes.

We don't appreciate the easy use of rape and nazism in phrases.

We can't accept the mundanity of its use as we known it shows the truth inside.

We can't accept it - it makes us uneasy.

Some will say its easy to say - we are living in a "better world. We haven't lived a hard life".

But what does that mean?!

We may not have been directly touches by Nazism, slavery, the crusades etc. but it sure influenced our community, our world!

We live in a "better world".

But not entirely and the politically correct is attempting to correct our politics, our society, our world to really make a better world.

This is our solution.

So just so you know I'm proud to in the generation of the politically correct!

* * * * *

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