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If I had an addiction it would probably be called : short-adilic.

Definition of a short-adilic: a person who has a surge to have 100 shorts in her closet. :-)

As you may have understood I am a short-adilic!

My minimum number of shorts I 'have' to have 3 shorts.

So here are my shorts(-list) :(get it? short-list, shorts-list... yeah I know not great):


Brands from Left to Right: H&M (2012), TopShop (february-13), BizzBee and BizzBee (april-13)                          (one of the new shorts was not able to join his friends for cause that they were washing... and 2 others went to retirement...)

Why do I love shorts soooooooo... much? Because they are so easy, in many kinds of different styles and they are short (for when it's hot and stuff... and people say I have 'great legs' ... so why not show them off?)!

Short Short-adilic have to have H&M BizzBee Topshop