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I wrote this song for Daniel J (a proedegee singer from youtube) but as he is probable never going to see it... Here it is for you!

p.s. when I said I wrote it for him I meant for him to sing...

I found you then I lost you

I lost you in the fog

I couldn't see you aanywhere

The fog is gone now

But I still can't find you

I wonder where I can find you

You are beautiful

Most beautiful girl I've ever seen

(You're the kinda girl that sticks to a mind)

Still haven't seen her again

but she's been in all my dreams

I wonder if she's lookin' for me

Shes out there somewhere

I'm lookin' for her

(looking for you)


If I'm ever

going to see her again

(ever see her again)

I wonder where I can find you

Lost her in the fog

The most precious thing I could loose

When I dream about you

I dream about Us

I dream of the day where going to meet again

The three words I would say

The most sincere ones I've ever (ever) thought

I lost you in the fog

I hope you can hear me

I... Love..... You....

i lost her in the fog

(lost her in the fog)

I dream about us

I love you