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Things I do when I'm bored...

Stage 1 of boredom: binge watching:

You either leave yourself go to the spiral that is YouTube, or you let yourself become a zombie in front of a series like Friends...

Stage 2: the search begins:

You start to look around. You open books that you are tired of reading. You look at the bottle. You look up "What to do when you are bored" and find 144,000,000 results but none of which is really full filling.

At this stage, students, will even check if they have homework, and think that teachers don't give enough!

Easy A

Stage 3: the gym:

Your room is transformed into an indoor gym, where you follow some online exercices. This stage lasts for about 7 min.

Big Bang Theory

Stage 3: the hobbies:

You start looking for hobbies. You start to do things like origami, knitting etc.

Mr. Lucky

Stage 4: the organiser:

You, who has never been into organising etc. you start to hopelessly organise every inch of your room. You even decide to re-organise your furniture...

Stage 5: the writer:

You start to write. A diary. An autobiography. Lists. Pointless lists even about "Things I do when I'm bored..."

Well that's it!

I hope you liked it! If you have any to add please comment below!


Ok, bye!

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