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Valentines 2014


Valentines Day!

Celebration of Love and Affection.

Valentines Day isn't only a day for the taken, the couples, and the nearly couples! It is a day of hope (hope that you will get a letter in your locker, mailbox or on your facebook page). It is also a day of affection, their is no better day to show to your friends how much you care for them by gicing them a NON romantic gift (they might easily think the wrong thing). Personaly I (like last year) am going to go to school giving out - Chocolate - my ultimate love! :)

This year I am not expecting anything, because it isn't good to put your hopes up to high as you are often dissapointed if you do. And I have had a quite romantic oriented month or so; with FIOS, movies, etc. (Dad if you are reading this the etc. did not in any case insinuate that I have a boyfriend). 

My Valentine:

Baby 1Baby 2Baby Shadowy

My plan for the day:

Chocolate feast.

Chocolate give away to my class mates.

Hope to be a witness to a romantic act/scene. Awww!

Take pictures for the Yearbook club.

Take the tests, and classes.

Have fun in art class (last class).


My ideal outfit(s):

Img 0001Img 0003

Img 0004Img 0008

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