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How To Be A Woman, Caitlin Moran

This book is before anything honest and down right sexy, and my first feminist novel read.

A feminist book has never been more relaxed, funny and shocking in a paragraph. Reading it you have the feeling that you are listening to a human. Obviously she is also an author - you can see it in the fluidity of her writing - but she isn't an essayist.

She is simply analysing her life with a feminist perspective.

She exclaims that we need more pornography (for more choice), that it is important for a woman (and men) to say out loud : "I'm a feminist!". Go on, I'll wait for ya! Say it!

This book, I had found it a couple of years ago in our library. I had started it, but after a page and a half I already had enough. It's really bizarre to think of it now that this book has basically become my witty Bible, like The Female Eunuch is for Caitlin Moran and many other women. I imagine I was not ready, as I am not ready today for Germaine Greer's book.

Taking this into account I understand that not every woman has read How to be a woman, but hey! The title says it all! I'm convinced every woman should read it even if it is just for the humour! Following this, I'm guessing that every girl should read How To Build A Girl which is why it is on my to be read (tbr) list!

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Animal Farm

A review of Animal Farm by George Orwell

Animal Farm


This is one of those must reads that you hear about constantly at school. People will present it to you at least once a year. I'm not attacking this at all, look up, I put a five stars onto it! The fact that people talk and talk about it somehow forces you upon reading it, if school hasn't already - and I think it's a great thing. It gives such a good insight in how people can be driven into blindness in totalitarian entities, all with such a simplistic flow of words that create the perfect context, characters and plots that are Animal Farm.
I knew the story from all the presentations I mentioned previously. I had seen the cartoon/movie plenty of times, I even recall demanding to see it again, and again as a little kid, even though it made me cry and is a pretty frightening movie - it left such a vivid images of it that I kept having as I read Orwell's words. But even with all the knowledge I had on Animal Farm, the book was a great treat. And it might just be me but it was much more lighter than the movie. Easier, but don't get me wrong the movie is amazing!
So, hum, in conclusion I'm recommending both the movie and the book to everyone! :)




Wednesday's Words of Wisdom: #31

Reading is dreaming with open eyes

As it's the holidays I'm trying to focus on doing things I can't do as much during the school year. Weirdly enough even though school tells us to read - they ironically don't really give us much time for it - so I'm reading now.

I've already finished 2 books during these holidays:

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Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress


This is one of the best books I have ever read. I would have easily not have put it down if it weren't for eating, and school.
I found that this book was very simple and yet was able to make me feel the reeducation, the love, the anxe, and it often made me feel uneasy (especially at the ease that these boys have of stripping their clothes off) without being rude or in your face.
This is an extremely fine book that I recommend to EVERYONE (especially people learning mandarin like me).

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Winter Holiday Reading

Today is the first day of the Winter Holidays! And as usual I have heaps of books, some of which school have imposed on me, and others which were imposed by my own self (yes I'm weird).

So I wanted to share these books:

Currently Reading

I was also wondering if you would want a book report on some of them (or even a second Book Week). If so please comment below it's title!


Heaps of Dino Love,


Dino love

Book Week: Day #5

Awareness Books

Rose Blanche and The Fault in our Stars

"Moving. Life Changing."

Rose Blanche, by Roberto Innocenti

The Fault in our Stars, by John Green

This is the story of a young german girl during WW2. One day she finds a consentration camp for Jews...

This story is a very sad story. The drawings make everyone look like sad zombies.

This is the story of Hazel who is in terminal of tumor-shrinking since a couple of years. Then she meets in her Support Group: Augustus Waters that will rewrtite Hazel's story. 

I still haven't finished the book. But I'm lovin' it!

Rose Blanche dans la forêt

Book Week: Day #4

The Lunar Chronicles

by Marissa Meyer

fan art.Fan ArtFan Art

2 books out. 2 Up coming.

The Lunar Chronicles Series is basically fairy tales revisited (put into the futur).

Except that it is so much more. Plots intertiwne etc. It is so beautifully written!

Cinder is a cyborg who is a gifted mechanical in New Beijing. And like Cinderella she has an evil stepmother, and two stepsisters... Her life gets expentently entwined with the Prince, except that it is a bit more complicated than that... I will let you discover why, and how...

In Scarlet (Red Riding Hood), we continue to have the Cinder story-line, whilst having the all remarkable Scarlet story. 

In both of the books the romantic stories are complicated, but magically beautiful. You just don't want it to end!

Thankfully Cress is coming out this year! (pre-ordered of course!

And then Winter in 2015! (also pre-ordered)

It's a love story between me and those books!

Cress Winter

Book Week: Day #3

The Nightshade Vs. Reckless


Nightshade Reckless

These two books are beautiful.

The Nightshades' , I have to admit is a little like Twilight, with the fictional caracters, wolves, and a love story that stays. But it has much more interesting events: more fascinating (and intelligent) evil caracters, like a "flying" city in book 3 - not a spoiler at all.

Reckless is from my Cornelia Funke (see Day #1) the author that made me actually love to read! The book is about Jacob Reckless a boy that has a mirror like Alices', except that the world it brings him to is filled with many more ennemies. I've only read the first one, and now I see that the trilogy is now all out!

I loved both of the books/trilogies but they hold different places in my heart: Nightshade kept my mind focused on it during the whole time I was reading it, where as Reckless got me transfixed with the beauty of the continuity of someones skills (Cornelia Funke).

Book Week: Day #2

The Remarkable Adventures of Tom Scatterhorn, by Henry Chancellor

Img 2739

The second trilogy. The second love.

This trilogy (that I own only the 2 and 3, because I borrowed it from my old english teacher) is an amazing trilogy following 12 year old Tom Scatterhorn on his remarkable adventures across the world thanks to holes in the time wich makes it possible for him and his different companions to time-travel. The story is beautifully written. The descriptions make you feel in the story.

P.S. In english class we had to write a letter to our favorite writter. I wrote to Henry Chancellor. Guess what? I had an amazing hand-written responce!

Img 2107Img 2108Img 2109

Book Week: Day #1

Ink Heart, by Cornelia Funke

The Beginning of it all...

Img 2738

I say the beginning of it all, because it is the book/series that made me love and start to read.

This trilogy is a fantastic story about a girl, Meggie, and her father, Mo, that have a power: the caracters come to life when they read aloud. Even saying this is saying too much... All I can tell you more is that (as always) an evil caracter gets the "lead" in a confrontation, which leads to a wonderful story filled with ups and downs, and magical fiction.

This trilogy has a such big place in my heart. I love it so much.

Img 2102

P.S. The movie is not to be wathed from the readers! It only tells the story of book 1 in a weird fashion...

Book Week Plan

I have read many many books that I have adored. Some of them took away my life, it was all about the book, what was going to happen etc. All of them in the fantasy world.

So, I had the idea to have a Book Week where I present books or series that I liked at 10h00 each day of the week (27/01/14 - 02/02/14). And of course, you are invited to comment if you've read the book(s) in question, if yes what you thought about it, and also book suggestions for me! So that the next Book Week I'll have a day or more where I will talk about the books you suggested to me!