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Book Week: Day #3

The Nightshade Vs. Reckless


Nightshade Reckless

These two books are beautiful.

The Nightshades' , I have to admit is a little like Twilight, with the fictional caracters, wolves, and a love story that stays. But it has much more interesting events: more fascinating (and intelligent) evil caracters, like a "flying" city in book 3 - not a spoiler at all.

Reckless is from my Cornelia Funke (see Day #1) the author that made me actually love to read! The book is about Jacob Reckless a boy that has a mirror like Alices', except that the world it brings him to is filled with many more ennemies. I've only read the first one, and now I see that the trilogy is now all out!

I loved both of the books/trilogies but they hold different places in my heart: Nightshade kept my mind focused on it during the whole time I was reading it, where as Reckless got me transfixed with the beauty of the continuity of someones skills (Cornelia Funke).

Book Week Book Cornelia Funke Day #3 Vs. Nightshade Trilogy Reckless