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Do It Yourself! Here are some simple hints, and ideas of things to make!

DIY Bear

How To: Awesome Christmas Gift Wrapping

Hey my Monos!

Christmas is coming! 12 days to go and I'm starting to wrap my gifts! During, one wrapping I got inspired (by the lack of christmas paper) and started to make personalized cute one! It's so simple, basically free and has a great end effect!

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Hey guys!

As you already know the web is full of talented people and sharing etc. People will show you how to copy their talent. One of these people who inspired me to draw again is DebbyArts on Youtube.

Here are four drawings that I did following the talented Italian YouTuber:

Girl w/ Cup od Hot ChocolateMessy Blu

Festive Hair for X-masBlue Curly Hair

Hope you enjoyed this little share!




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Having done nothing for you guys for Valentines I now present you a quick Post-Valentines DIY.

So for this quick DIY you will need a box (or a bowl), and a flower. Like me you might have a dying red rose, but unlike me it was probably given with love, and not by protocol at a Sushi restaurant with my father...

Rose box

This is a great way to preserve the memories attached to a flower.

Instagram pic

That was the DIY of the day.



Adobs Mini Booklets

Todays DIY is a cute and easy mini booklet in only 5 steps that can become a simple note booklet, or a philosophical one, or even a small souvenir album.

You will need:

You will need

First Step

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Wish Jar

This is pretty much a continuation of a previous post: Paper Stars. After having written the post etc. I started to think And one thing led to the other and I got the idea of a wishing jar ( I'm not saying I'm the first). I decided to get a glass jar, and put a chalkboard banner.

The result is really nice, and cute I think:

Wish Jar 

Now I just need to fill it!



Comment below if you want more DIYs!

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom: #5

Just Be Free

Todays #WWordsWisdom quote is simple but effective, and perfect for the beginning of the Holidays.

This is also my wall quote. It is a really simple DIY:

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Duck & Chupa Chups Nails

Spring is around the corner, but it already feels like it!

To mark this I attempted to do an aztec tape nail art, but it more looks like a Chupa Chups nail art! Bisou

Chupa chups nail art

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DIY: "Memo Line"

Hello everybody,

This DIY is one of favorite "Eureka" moments for "my room project". I would call it the Memo Line, because it is inspired by Washing lines, and memo/mood boards.

Have fun!

DIY: Memo Line

DIY: Memo Line

I hope you liked it!

M, xoxo

P.S. what do you think of the layout?

Galaxi Nails Attempt


It's the Holidays! CoolBisouLangue tiréeSourireRigolantClin d'œil (yes all those emotions are on my face! cause its the holidays!!!!!)

Today I worked on the idea of a possible up coming video.... Clin d'œil

I also did homework....

And I attempted to do the "Galaxi Nail Art":

What it should look like What I did

Img 0034 Img 0035 Img 0037

Photos taken and edited by Louis, my bro.

But saying this I have to admit I do like what I did.

It's just not what I was wanting.

It's not a typical Galaxi...

I have just started to watch "Silver Linnings Playbook" which so far (70:46) is really pretty good. Jennifer Lawrence really does deserve her oscar for best actress in that movie!

DIY: Corner Bookmark

Happy 1st of February to everyone! Including you Hugo (this post made me think of you a lot)!

This DIY is related to the present theme of this week "Book Week", but it isn't really on purpose....

A corner bookmark is a really original and creative way to keep your page! I had promised to do a video to how to make a corner bookmark, but I have decided to make a blog post for it....

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