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DIY: Corner Bookmark

Happy 1st of February to everyone! Including you Hugo (this post made me think of you a lot)!

This DIY is related to the present theme of this week "Book Week", but it isn't really on purpose....

A corner bookmark is a really original and creative way to keep your page! I had promised to do a video to how to make a corner bookmark, but I have decided to make a blog post for it....

First take a piece of paper (colour is best but not obligatory).

Img 2743

You'll need:

Img 2761

First step is to draw a square - I recommend 5cm.

Img 2746

Then draw it's diagonals:

Img 2747

Then (follow closely) draw a line from the edge of the pages parrallel to the diagonal.

Then draw two triangles on the side using the sides of the square for the help of one side. The image will help you here a lot.

Img 2750

Now cut! The result will look like a fox head!

Img 2752 Img 2754

Now put the "ears" down, and glue them down:

Img 2759 Img 2760 Img 2763


Img 2766 Img 2767

Many people draw eyes on their bookmarks. But I tried something different for this one and it looks really quite good - Cuting a triangle from the bookmark:

Img 2768 Img 2769 Img 2770

For heaps of ideas! Click ideas!

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