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Galaxi Nails Attempt


It's the Holidays! CoolBisouLangue tiréeSourireRigolantClin d'œil (yes all those emotions are on my face! cause its the holidays!!!!!)

Today I worked on the idea of a possible up coming video.... Clin d'œil

I also did homework....

And I attempted to do the "Galaxi Nail Art":

What it should look like What I did

Img 0034 Img 0035 Img 0037

Photos taken and edited by Louis, my bro.

But saying this I have to admit I do like what I did.

It's just not what I was wanting.

It's not a typical Galaxi...

I have just started to watch "Silver Linnings Playbook" which so far (70:46) is really pretty good. Jennifer Lawrence really does deserve her oscar for best actress in that movie!

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