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How To: Awesome Christmas Gift Wrapping

Hey my Monos!

Christmas is coming! 12 days to go and I'm starting to wrap my gifts! During, one wrapping I got inspired (by the lack of christmas paper) and started to make personalized cute one! It's so simple, basically free and has a great end effect!

The Christmas Wrapping Starts

What you'll need:

  • White paper (I have this huge white roll of paper that I use for allmy DIY's basically)
  • Scissors
  • A pen (I used a black stabilo pen, but you can use other colours if you want)

DIY: Wrapping with M

Then ask yourself what would s/he want to see? Quotes from movies? Song lyrics? A poem? His/Her moto?

Or simply quotes s/he said?

DIY: Wrapping with M  DIY: Wrapping with M

Afterwards, all you do is write them ALL OVER!

DIY: Wrapping with M

You can add some Christmas symbols to make it more in the vibe, and secret messages.

DIY: Wrapping with M  DIY: Wrapping with M

Then WRAP! (doesn't it look awesome!)

DIY: Wrapping with M

On the side you can make a cute/edgy card like:

DIY: Wrapping with M

(comment below if you want a DIY explanation on this card)


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