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6 Gifts for an 18th Birthday (List Made by a 16 year old)

It's the time of the year when my birthday is coming. I've rarely been able to say what I want for my birthday, so I decided to start real early for this list as my 18th birhday is quite important. So, today I am 16 and starting my list for my birthday. I'm going to schedule the date of post and will probably forget all about it. SO, yeah...

But this can be a quide of what to give to your 18th buddy to! Imagine he/she is talking to you about what they want!

Here we go (remember to click on the photos to follow the links, bae):

1. My Life, kikki.K - $39.95

 My Life

I thought that something to organise myself for my adult self would be quite good, and what better than a kikki.K. This is great to organise everything, but one of their time planners in addition would be marvelous.

2. A DIY scrapbook

Best Friends

A scrapbook of my 18 years on this earth, or of my years of friendships with you - it would heartwarming and beautiful 'cause I love you!

2. 18th Birthday Wish Jar - DIY or £14.95

Wish Jar

This one you can DIY or buy it! Either way it's adorable and so pinterest!

3. Made in 1999 - 20€

Made in 1999

Remember 1999! Love it! It's simple yet effective! And it isn't a tee-shirt saying something like I'm 18 'cause I'm not going to be 18 forever...

4. 18th Necklace - 18.95€

Screen shot 2015 11 14 at 10 42 37

Simple and cute with the name date of birth and the little colour. This is a definite cutie!

5. Music compilation/plyalist

A compilation with songs with my name in every song, or the songs you know I love, or the songs we share, or even the songs for wherever I'm heading to - if it's universaty, travelling or working! It will be perfect!

6. Generally Etsy


I don't know about you but I love Etsy! You can look at my wishlist or favourites for inspiration! 


So, that was my list of 6 things I think an 18 year old me would like for her birthday.

I hope it inspired you for any situation you are in!


- 16 year old M

Ode to the Politically Correct

We are the generation of the politically correct.

We are opiniated, judgy, have a lack of tolerance.

We are not as much fun, we are cautious.

But all of this isn't bad! What is so wrong with the politically correct?

We think before we talk - we choose the best words as to not harm or offense anyone.

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How To Be A Woman, Caitlin Moran

This book is before anything honest and down right sexy, and my first feminist novel read.

A feminist book has never been more relaxed, funny and shocking in a paragraph. Reading it you have the feeling that you are listening to a human. Obviously she is also an author - you can see it in the fluidity of her writing - but she isn't an essayist.

She is simply analysing her life with a feminist perspective.

She exclaims that we need more pornography (for more choice), that it is important for a woman (and men) to say out loud : "I'm a feminist!". Go on, I'll wait for ya! Say it!

This book, I had found it a couple of years ago in our library. I had started it, but after a page and a half I already had enough. It's really bizarre to think of it now that this book has basically become my witty Bible, like The Female Eunuch is for Caitlin Moran and many other women. I imagine I was not ready, as I am not ready today for Germaine Greer's book.

Taking this into account I understand that not every woman has read How to be a woman, but hey! The title says it all! I'm convinced every woman should read it even if it is just for the humour! Following this, I'm guessing that every girl should read How To Build A Girl which is why it is on my to be read (tbr) list!

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New 2016 : FFF Contest!

When: From now till the 25th of December!

What: A FFF Contest! Fandom.Fashion.Foto (spanish for photo)!

You: Send photos merging Fandoms and Fashion!

Where: Either here, by e-mail, or on Instagram or Twitter by using #FandomFashionFoto !

Click here to Tweet!

Me: On the 26th of December I'll post all the photos.

On the 1st of January I'll post the 3 winners!


1st Prize: Will receive a printed version of the winning piece AND a handmade Weekday Planner! 

2nd Prize: Gets to choose the theme for next years contest!

3rd Prize: Gets to choose the next WWW!

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A New Year Gone And A New Yummy Year

A New Year has ended And A New Yummy Year is announcing itself!

Let's start #NewYummyYear !

Tweet this and share!

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How To: Jumper w/ Natacha

The cold comes with its downs obviously but it also comes with it's ups. Say hello to jumpers, scarfs and beanies!

Today I'm going to show you guys an outfit that I really like. It is around an old fashioned looking jumper but makes it pop and hipster in this outfit!

So, it's a simple idea: Match the jumper and the shoes!

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To Do: Femist Poll

Well, maybe the title of this post isn't the best as this is a poll about feminism. Thankfully #WorldFeminism said it perfectly whilst promoting my poll:



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Wednesday's collection of somewhat Witless Words

One day till The Simpsons 26th birthday!

Wednesday's collection of somewhat Witless Words

So todays WWW is more a Wednesday's collection of somewhat Witless Words:


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How To: Awesome Christmas Gift Wrapping

Hey my Monos!

Christmas is coming! 12 days to go and I'm starting to wrap my gifts! During, one wrapping I got inspired (by the lack of christmas paper) and started to make personalized cute one! It's so simple, basically free and has a great end effect!

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Pinterest, oh, pinterest!

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Doctor Who Prologue


Doctor Who

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Animal Farm

A review of Animal Farm by George Orwell

Animal Farm


This is one of those must reads that you hear about constantly at school. People will present it to you at least once a year. I'm not attacking this at all, look up, I put a five stars onto it! The fact that people talk and talk about it somehow forces you upon reading it, if school hasn't already - and I think it's a great thing. It gives such a good insight in how people can be driven into blindness in totalitarian entities, all with such a simplistic flow of words that create the perfect context, characters and plots that are Animal Farm.
I knew the story from all the presentations I mentioned previously. I had seen the cartoon/movie plenty of times, I even recall demanding to see it again, and again as a little kid, even though it made me cry and is a pretty frightening movie - it left such a vivid images of it that I kept having as I read Orwell's words. But even with all the knowledge I had on Animal Farm, the book was a great treat. And it might just be me but it was much more lighter than the movie. Easier, but don't get me wrong the movie is amazing!
So, hum, in conclusion I'm recommending both the movie and the book to everyone! :)





Hey internet!

Today I'm going to be sharing a great new quizz called 16Personalities that really takes into account how people can have conflicting attributes etc.

It seems really thought through. The design and graphics are amazing yet simplistic.

Go check it out! Comment below what you got!

Personnaly I got: INFJ. Do you find it accurate? I do.


Hope you enjoyed this post! If you did please share it!



Best Phone Cases (I love)

Hey internet,

Our world as we know it is filled with phones and style, so why stay with your basic safety phone case when you can bring your style to it's peack with a phone case? So here are some of the Best Phone Cases I love:

Best Phone Cases

Which do you prefer? Is yours better? Comment below or use the hashtag: #BestPhoneCaseWithM

Hope you liked this post!



P.S. Check out my PicCollage : Princess-fire


Hey guys!

As you already know the web is full of talented people and sharing etc. People will show you how to copy their talent. One of these people who inspired me to draw again is DebbyArts on Youtube.

Here are four drawings that I did following the talented Italian YouTuber:

Girl w/ Cup od Hot ChocolateMessy Blu

Festive Hair for X-masBlue Curly Hair

Hope you enjoyed this little share!




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Wednesday's Words of Wisdom: #31

Reading is dreaming with open eyes

As it's the holidays I'm trying to focus on doing things I can't do as much during the school year. Weirdly enough even though school tells us to read - they ironically don't really give us much time for it - so I'm reading now.

I've already finished 2 books during these holidays:

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Hey blogphiles* !

The other day I ventured out into the open world and went to a plant shop (Botanic). There I found a table filled with tiny cacti - so I obviously looked around - getting spiked on the way - to fall in love with 3 (non-spiky) cacti. I then proceeded to choose three classy yet simple assorting pots for them...

The result was really insta-worthy:


Don't you love it?

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Wednesday's Words of Wisdom: #30

Adventure is not where you go it is in the freedom to create and experience life.

Adventure is not where you go it is in the freedom to create and experience life.

- Karen Main

Personally in this point in time my 'adventure's' result in me spending my days reading, and binge watching series in my pyjama's all day long!

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom: #29

Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget.

Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget.

New clip genre!

An innovative idea for a clip for an okay-song that wil make you want to continue to the end because of the interaction!

You literally have the golden touch!