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Things I do when I'm bored...

Stage 1 of boredom: binge watching:

You either leave yourself go to the spiral that is YouTube, or you let yourself become a zombie in front of a series like Friends...

Stage 2: the search begins:

You start to look around. You open books that you are tired of reading. You look at the bottle. You look up "What to do when you are bored" and find 144,000,000 results but none of which is really full filling.

At this stage, students, will even check if they have homework, and think that teachers don't give enough!

Easy A

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Christmas Preperations 1

Only a couple more days till X-mas day!

I'm so excited! and my family is probably getting sick of all the x-mas songs and carolls blasting in all the house! Wink

So, I thought I might share some playlists!

Christmas by Tyler Oakley

Tyler's playlist is aweome and complete! It has every single caroll and every song refering to Christmas wich is amazing! It is perfect for Christmas ears, and elves like me! Wink

X-mas by me 

I hope you have a merry listening!



July Favorites!

  I have already done a post a little like this called Lately... - except it wasn't favorites in the span of a month. This post is directly inspired by Zoella’s Monthly Favorite videos - except that this post is not on one specific subject - it is on three: Fashion, Music, High-Tech, and Literature.


Polka Dot Outfit: The other day as it was the sales I asked my father to bring me to Jennifer (the closest good fashion store). I came out of their with a new favorite polka dot dress, and a little white laced vest - both items being on sale. I have been wearing them together with a black hat. I can definitely say that it is my OOTM.


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Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn. (1929-1993). The beautiful British actress from Hollywood's Golden Age, is tributed with a pink Google Doodle for her '85th birthday'.

Audrey Hepburn's Google Doodle

Though I have only seen 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' (1961) I love Audrey, and her pure elegance.

I with the help of my photograph/brother, Louis, did a 'photoshoot' with the theme of the ever lasting Audrey Hepburn.

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Galaxi Nails Attempt


It's the Holidays! CoolBisouLangue tiréeSourireRigolantClin d'œil (yes all those emotions are on my face! cause its the holidays!!!!!)

Today I worked on the idea of a possible up coming video.... Clin d'œil

I also did homework....

And I attempted to do the "Galaxi Nail Art":

What it should look like What I did

Img 0034 Img 0035 Img 0037

Photos taken and edited by Louis, my bro.

But saying this I have to admit I do like what I did.

It's just not what I was wanting.

It's not a typical Galaxi...

I have just started to watch "Silver Linnings Playbook" which so far (70:46) is really pretty good. Jennifer Lawrence really does deserve her oscar for best actress in that movie!

Valentines 2014


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