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Must Haves!

The shirt, the bracelet, the brand that you must check out... and must have.

6 Gifts for an 18th Birthday (List Made by a 16 year old)

It's the time of the year when my birthday is coming. I've rarely been able to say what I want for my birthday, so I decided to start real early for this list as my 18th birhday is quite important. So, today I am 16 and starting my list for my birthday. I'm going to schedule the date of post and will probably forget all about it. SO, yeah...

But this can be a quide of what to give to your 18th buddy to! Imagine he/she is talking to you about what they want!

Here we go (remember to click on the photos to follow the links, bae):

1. My Life, kikki.K - $39.95

 My Life

I thought that something to organise myself for my adult self would be quite good, and what better than a kikki.K. This is great to organise everything, but one of their time planners in addition would be marvelous.

2. A DIY scrapbook

Best Friends

A scrapbook of my 18 years on this earth, or of my years of friendships with you - it would heartwarming and beautiful 'cause I love you!

2. 18th Birthday Wish Jar - DIY or £14.95

Wish Jar

This one you can DIY or buy it! Either way it's adorable and so pinterest!

3. Made in 1999 - 20€

Made in 1999

Remember 1999! Love it! It's simple yet effective! And it isn't a tee-shirt saying something like I'm 18 'cause I'm not going to be 18 forever...

4. 18th Necklace - 18.95€

Screen shot 2015 11 14 at 10 42 37

Simple and cute with the name date of birth and the little colour. This is a definite cutie!

5. Music compilation/plyalist

A compilation with songs with my name in every song, or the songs you know I love, or the songs we share, or even the songs for wherever I'm heading to - if it's universaty, travelling or working! It will be perfect!

6. Generally Etsy


I don't know about you but I love Etsy! You can look at my wishlist or favourites for inspiration! 


So, that was my list of 6 things I think an 18 year old me would like for her birthday.

I hope it inspired you for any situation you are in!


- 16 year old M

July Favorites!

  I have already done a post a little like this called Lately... - except it wasn't favorites in the span of a month. This post is directly inspired by Zoella’s Monthly Favorite videos - except that this post is not on one specific subject - it is on three: Fashion, Music, High-Tech, and Literature.


Polka Dot Outfit: The other day as it was the sales I asked my father to bring me to Jennifer (the closest good fashion store). I came out of their with a new favorite polka dot dress, and a little white laced vest - both items being on sale. I have been wearing them together with a black hat. I can definitely say that it is my OOTM.


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Favorite Apps!

My favorite Apple Apps! I am constantly using apps, cause' I simply adore them! Here are my top 5:

Top 10 apps

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My new thing is downloading fonts! This may seems weird but wait to see some of the treasures I found on!


Dr Who and stuff!

When I was in England last (end of May- beginning of April ie. ages ago) for a week with school we went to Stratford-Upon-Avon the birth place of the most famous William in the world, Shakespeare.

Now you must be wondering why is the title 'Dr Who and stuff' if it's in Startford?

Well, my dear reader, in Stratford there is a store called Time Warp which is like no other place I have ever been in. It is a place where all kinds of geekly awesome merchandises are awaiting for a fan like a Whovian, South-Parkians*, Muppetians* etc. (*I have no idea what there fandom name are).

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Follow up: Newies!

I posted a list called Newies! of all the things I have been Lovin' during these winter holidays, and a reader suggested to me that I should say more imformation etc. So here it is the Follow up!

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This is a list of all the "newies" that I have been LOVING during these winter holidays!

Beanie Mania!

Since my first Beanie, I have gone mad about them! I now have 6! Nearly one for everyday of the week!

Beanies are great for any type of day: lazy, bad hair day, any other day...

(I do not wear the beanies exactly on the day I put them...)


Img 2724

My mum says this one is her's. I say it looks good on me, so it must be mine. No?


Img 2725



Img 2726

Turquoise! This is the first one that got me mad about Beanies!



The Photo was too bad to be put here. Thanks to my baby bro/photograph.


Img 2733



Img 2731


Sunday: DIY:

Img 2721

DIY for decorating your beanie!

For personalised iron on phrases etc:  :

I really want to try this on my Turquoise Beanie. Lots of Youtubers have shown DIYs with this kind of idea. My mum says it won't stick... Will keep you posted on the result!

Beads! By sewing them on on the hem, or in patterns!

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Laissez Lucie Faire

Adorably funny must have accessories (cushions, scarves, glasse casses, purses, bags, stationary etc.)

More info continue:

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I have "connected" my blog to Bloglovin' a site where all your favorite blogs are put together... So follow me on BlogLovin' for an easier viewing of my site... 

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The New Machine!

The new nail machine, Glamour n. 114

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New Phone!

My new muse: My new phone!

I've had it for less than 2 days days, and it has already taken a big place in my life!

Go away broken Shit-Berry (that's what I called my old phone who broke), and say hello to my Huwai.

Ok... Huwai is a crap name... Let's find it a nice name!

What about you choose the name?

Go on What should I call my phone? -Poll

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