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Beanie Mania!

Since my first Beanie, I have gone mad about them! I now have 6! Nearly one for everyday of the week!

Beanies are great for any type of day: lazy, bad hair day, any other day...

(I do not wear the beanies exactly on the day I put them...)


Img 2724

My mum says this one is her's. I say it looks good on me, so it must be mine. No?


Img 2725



Img 2726

Turquoise! This is the first one that got me mad about Beanies!



The Photo was too bad to be put here. Thanks to my baby bro/photograph.


Img 2733



Img 2731


Sunday: DIY:

Img 2721

DIY for decorating your beanie!

For personalised iron on phrases etc:  :

I really want to try this on my Turquoise Beanie. Lots of Youtubers have shown DIYs with this kind of idea. My mum says it won't stick... Will keep you posted on the result!

Beads! By sewing them on on the hem, or in patterns!

beanie |ˈbiːni|

noun ( pl. beanies )

a small close-fitting hat worn on the back of the head.

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