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Dr Who and stuff!

When I was in England last (end of May- beginning of April ie. ages ago) for a week with school we went to Stratford-Upon-Avon the birth place of the most famous William in the world, Shakespeare.

Now you must be wondering why is the title 'Dr Who and stuff' if it's in Startford?

Well, my dear reader, in Stratford there is a store called Time Warp which is like no other place I have ever been in. It is a place where all kinds of geekly awesome merchandises are awaiting for a fan like a Whovian, South-Parkians*, Muppetians* etc. (*I have no idea what there fandom name are).

 So, I came out with the greatest, most superb, most heavenly praised poster which came directly from the episode called Victory of the Daleks:

Victory of the Daleks!My room

I love my 2 posters!

My best friend also bought me a pin that proved to me he truly knew me,I <3 CHOCOLATE.

Bow ties are cool,

M xox

P.S. If you are wondering, no, the poster isn't the only article I purchased during my week in England. I bought also a leopard onesie (Primark), 2 T-shirts, one of them being muppets themed! Laughing (Primark), a jumper/long sleeved shirt with black and white Avenger drawings all over it (Primark), Various Lip Balms Kiss (Body Sop), Maom's (Primark), Jelly Beans (Windsor Castle shop), an unexpected present for my bro's 11th, and an Oxford University sweatshirt, 'cause I like to follow trends! (it is sooo damb comfortable!)

P.P.S. I have checked and the correct form for a second P.S. isn't P.S.S but P.P.S.


The extra informations/sources etc.

Time Warp info: 47 Henley StreetSTRATFORD-UPON-AVONWarwickshireCV37 6QW

I laughed so loud at this image!

Screen shot 2014 04 24 at 12 32 03

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