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Follow up: Newies!

I posted a list called Newies! of all the things I have been Lovin' during these winter holidays, and a reader suggested to me that I should say more imformation etc. So here it is the Follow up!

Holidays: I have always loved holidays who doesn't? Holiday
Switched at Birth is a series that you guess what the general idea is just by reading the title! I have been adoring this series that I have been watching with my mama (ie. I can't watch it this week as I'm not with her...) SAB
ASL (Americain Sign Language) is just amazing! Thanks to Switched at Birth I have learned a couple of words, and it has invited me to learn the ASL alphabet which I know now except for (i don't know why) the letters E, and G that just do not stay in my mind! ASL in ASL
 Sean Berdy is a deaf american actor who plays in Switched at Birth Emmett a deaf friend/boyfriend etc. of the switched now teenagers. Sean Berdy
The Vamps is a newly formed english boys band composed of Brad Simpson (main singer), James McVey (lead guitarist, sings backing vocals, and is my favorite of the group), Connor Ball (plays bass guitar and sings the vocals) and finally Tristan Evans (plays drums and sings backing vocals).  The Vamps
Garniers' vanilla dry shampoo is a great accessible dry shampoo which leaves your hair washed like, nice to the touch, and well scented (some do not like the smell of it, I haven't tried the other scents). Garnier
The Water Lillies, by Monet because I went to L'Orangerie (which is the museum where the whole collection of the Water Lillies are, and where some pieces of Renoir, Cézanne, Picasso, Le Douanier Rousseau etc.) and I was just amazed by the beauty of it.
John Green. The. Genius. Writer. Of. FIOS. (I just purchased An Abundance of Katherines and Paper Towns).
Jennyfer Lawrence who is hilarously true in her interviews etc. She is known for her roles in Silver Linnings Playbook, Hunger Games, and The X-men. She is also known for having fell on the stairs to get her Oscar for the best actress, but she still did it with her true grace.
My Room Project. DIYs. 
And finally, ClipGrab which is a program which makes it possible to download in mp3 or mp4 videos from YouTube.

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