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Laissez Lucie Faire

Adorably funny must have accessories (cushions, scarves, glasse casses, purses, bags, stationary etc.)

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Christophe Vinson

After having gallivanted the world on his own selling paintings, fabrics and linens, Christophe decided that he wanted to pilot his own machine.... but not alone !

Lucie Dancette

Stylist, shop window decorater, kitchen showcaser... draw, click, color, click... and a bit bored behind her desk, Lucie dreamt of other... much more fun designs !

The Spark !

So naturally when the pilot came to place an order with the chef, it was the spark that ignited the machine !

On the Road :

They travelled the world together looking for inspiration and adventure.... Trains in Bangkok, markets in Shanghai, springtime in New York... From crocodiles in Central America to deserts in Iceland, and let's not forget the boutiques in Tokyo and the beaches of Rio. Needless to say the souvenir boxes and photo albums were overflowing ! Laissez Lucie Faire was only breaths away...

On the Map :

Laissez Lucie Faire... known for offbeat cushions, bright colours and good humour but also numerous accessories equally inspired: pouches, travel bags, purses, wallets, cases, shopping bags, clutches, bags for geeks (and geekettes !), scarves, mirrors and notebooks... Just about anything to make you a trendy - but with a smile !

But that's not all !

10, 11, 12 collections later and just as many Maison & Objets, as well as a few expansions here and there, Laissez Lucie Faire... hasn't stopped creating. New ideas, new projects, new partners, new oulets! You won't want to miss a trick ! So stay connected and follow us on the social networks !

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