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Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome!

If you didn't guess from the title AND the 5 Romes on top well I.... How couldn't you get it! I went to ROME! It was great! 6 nights in Rome! I am currently putting all the clips and photos together  as a 'vlog' for you guys! I'm really excited to post my first ever VLOG, and also to share all the amazing experiences I had... Some videos will probably be following the Rome one: ie. Rome Shopping! etc. I'm hopping to finish as quickly as possible BUT I took soo many photos, and some clips are just plain weird!

And I am not forgetting the corner bookmark video!

Comment if you have any brilliant ideas for videos OR for the music on the Rome video, I find something but mabey you guys have a great song! (the longer the better) -- that's what she said--