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Wednesday's Words of Wisdom: #2

Wednesday's Words of Wisdoms

If You're making mistakes it means you're out there doing something

When I saw I knew it was a WWW! since the quote is soooooo true and the image is funny beacuse of the mistake in Something that is corrected!

This quote is also great since it has as its buddy:

Mistakes are proof that you're trying 

Neil Gaiman (born 10 November 1960) is an English author of short fiction, novels, comic books/graphic novels, audio theatre and films. He has won numerous awards, including the Hugo, Nebula, and Bram Stoker awards, as well as the Newbery and Carnegie medals. He is the first author to win both the Newbery and the Carnegie medals for the same work, The Graveyard Book(2008).[5][6] In 2013, The Ocean at the End of the Lane was voted Book of the Year in the British National Book Awards.

2014 WWW Wednesday's Words of Wisdom Day #2