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Liberty Contest

In 2012 I had a Festivities Contest; Where you had to send a photo and a caption themed about Festivities. The first prize winner being Jaki Weller (my mum).
This year the contest is going to be a little different...

There will be 3 categories/themes: Love; Nature; Fashion
This year it isn't only photos, it can be anything: a song, a book, a movie etc. which is why it is called the Liberty Contest. 

Rules: Yes they are rules, Liberty comes with responsibilities. Before sending it think about if you would like evreyone to see it... If you do not own the rights give your sources. Nothing politically uncorect (black comedy) will be taken into the account in the competition.

  • The first prize will be a pdf "diploma for winning the Liberty Contest", and a huge surprise.
  • The second prize will be a pdf "diploma for winning 2nd place at the Liberty Contest", and a follow on twitter.
  • The third prize will be a pdf "diploma for winning the 3rd place at the Liberty Contest".

The end date is on 30th December 2014.