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When: From now till the 25th of December!

What: A FFF Contest! Fandom.Fashion.Foto (spanish for photo)!

You: Send photos merging Fandoms and Fashion!

Where: Either here, by e-mail, or on Instagram or Twitter by using #FandomFashionFoto !

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Me: On the 26th of December I'll post all the photos.

On the 1st of January I'll post the 3 winners!


1st Prize: Will receive a printed version of the winning piece AND a handmade Weekday Planner! 

2nd Prize: Gets to choose the theme for next years contest!

3rd Prize: Gets to choose the next WWW!



Yes, there are Rules. Just 3 simple ones!

  1. One shant be rude.
  2. One shall use the Golden Rule of internet and give the brands and fandoms issued in the photographe.
  3. One shall refer to rules 1 and 2 whilst having fun.
File formats: png, jpg, jpeg, pdf, gif