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Contest 2013

Last year I had a Festivities Contest (2012); Where you had to send a photo and a caption themed about Festivities. The first prize winner being Jaki Weller (my mum).
This year the contest is going to be a little different...

There will be 3 categories/themes: Love; Nature; Fashion
This year it isn't only photos, it can be anything: a song, a book, a movie etc.

Due date: maximum is the 15th of January.


  • Featuring in one of my videos
  • Writing freely one blog post or page
  • Getting an exclusive photo from Rome of Street Art (pdf or jpeg)

To sign up all you have to do is go onto my site: Home>Contact
Send me a message. If you need to send me an attachment please say it in your message so that I can respond to you via e-mail...

To Sign Up Or Contact me about the contest click here

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