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Alexander McQueen

The Beginning of a post

Every post has inspiration at the very beginning. Mine was when I discovered that I had done only one Designer page, and I sent this tweet, to get this reply:

A tweet and a reply

So here it is, darling:


Alexander McQueen

An article: The Guardian

I really love the following snippets of the interview of The Guardian given by his mother. I love it, because I have the feeling that it truly represents McQueen as a human being as he is responding to his mother, attempting not to argue with her: "I'm not going to get into a big art debate with you".

Actually that last quote is exactly what was the result when asked what era he would prefer to design in he answered "Fifteenth-century Flemish, Netherlands. My favourite part of art. Because of the colours, because of the sympathetic way they approached life." Because "I think they were very modern for their times, in that period and in that part of the world".

Then in the conversation this heart warming conversation occurred:

"JM: What is your most terrifying fear? 
AM: Dying before you. 
JM: Thank you, son. What makes you proud
AM: You. 
JM: Why? 
AM: No, no, ask the next one: "What makes you furious?" You! [laughs] 
JM: No, go on, what makes you proud? 
AM: When things go right, when the collection goes right, when everyone else in the company's proud
JM: What makes you furious? 
AM: Bigotry. 
JM: What makes your heart miss a beat? 
AM: Love
JM: Love for children? Love for adults? Love for animals? 
AM: Falling in love."

An ending

Every Man has an ending - Even if they are considered by some as part of the Great Ones. So that's exactly what Alexander McQueen did - a little early. But like everything he did it pushed the boundaries of what people in society are used to.

I wanted to end this page with a loud support for his family that he left behind.

 Here is one of the professional tributes Here is one of the many tributes of one of the many beloved fan


Rest In Peace Alexander McQueen,


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