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I ♥ temporary tatoos

   Since a little while I have become a "stickers" fan/addict/lover/etc. - not the kind you put on books etc. - NO - the kind you put on your nails (etc.)

How to put them on: Sephora, Claire's etc. sale it also Clin d'œil


  And the other day I discovered (on OMG fashion - Ipad App) that stickers for lips really exist! I thought it was a legend or just for the Hollywood stars (or something like that). So I did my little researche and more I saw photos of "violent lips : temporary lip tattoos" I was envieng them. So I am waiting to receive them Sourire ! Here are my top 5 favorite:







4. There are for pretty much every country flag one - but this

one is my favorite  flag (the US one is my number 7 - I think)




Violent Lips also do Violent Eyes



The company Violent Lips is not the only company who do temporary lip tattoos but they have the biggest and most beautiful range. And they look like if they have better quality than X&D's temporary tattoos etc.

Now I am going to put some lip and nail art who doesn't come in a box - it is not a temporary tattoo (I know the page is for temporary tattoos but it is still fashion and it is temporary and on the lips and nails just not a tattoo)





Hope you liked the article! and hope it gave you ideas!


P.S. On Twitter Violent Lips' is following me! I am so happy! Follow them - they have great photos of their products!

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