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Sean O'Donell

Sean O’Donells’ “signature” is his surprised expression and his bright blue eyes. We all fall in love - instantly! don’t we?

  He is 17 years old, and he already has an impressive debut in his modeling careerAnd he doesn’t only have the looks, he has the talents, he is an actor (where his surprised expressions come from probably).

"Theres more to the world then tryna make a living, like changin it. Then looking back and saying that we did it." 

  〜 Sean o’donell



 I dedicate this page to my BFF: Lysiane, who 'introduced' me to Sean.


P.S. I am sorry I don't have lots of info/gossip about Sean, but he is very secretive! his fans know nothing about him, his official site is only photographes, and on Tweeter he only says things like "I can't sleep"!

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